smallblock suspension, bigblock engine gets you this low.

Bought this car 1988, back then it was pretty run down and in need of rebuilding.
After installing a rebuilt engine i drove it for a month then decided to do a complete restoration.

70s paintjob makes you wanna cry..

Bad idea.. the car wasnt finished until 1998. And by that time i were so tired of it that i sold it as soon as it was finished.

Hey! thought you said bigblock?

Another bad idea.. Well i got to drive it 2 month out of the 120 i owned it. Hmm.. that new engine looks pretty mean eh?

Double 3 inch exhaust all the way to breath that bigblock.

Changed the 454BB to a 402BB after some trouble with the rods.

That sawed off bumper turned out pretty good after all.

Once finished it had a 402BB , TH400 and a 12 bolt 4.88 rear.