I have collected some material that comes in handy when you rebuild or own a classic Mustang.

The alignment for the front suspension is something every owner of a classic Mustang need.
If you own a Mustang and want some handling but havent got the money for expensive parts, the relocation of the upper controlarm is one of the more effective modifications you can make to the front suspension of your 1964 to 1970 Mustang. This modification reduces body roll by about 8%, slightly lowers the ride height, and puts better wheel angles to the road, all of which noticeably improve cornering performance. Apart from a days work, it costs nothing in materials.
The modification is basically very simple. The upper suspension arm is mounted to the shock tower with two 1/2 inch bolts, the nuts of which can be seen from inside the engine bay. Two new mounting holes are drilled 1 inch lower down the shock tower and the arm relocated. That's it!
To see if your Mustang has already had the arms relocated, look down the shock tower inside the engine bay. If there are a pair of unused holes, 1 inch directly above the A arm mounting nuts, the arms have already been lowered.

Other things that might come in handy when working on your Mustang is the wiring diagram and the lubrication diagram.
All these things can be found on the downloads page.

Paintcodes and colours from 1964 to 1973 can be found here.

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